The Wireless Network in East Palo Alto / East Menlo Park

WiFi101 is a wireless network operated by Community Wireless,  a non profit company in East Palo Alto. The WiFi101 wireless network is a free. Users of the free service must get their own equipment and are "on their own" if they have technical problems. 

Computers for Everyone, also a non profit in East Palo Alto  provides low cost equipment and technical support to people and organizations in the community to enable them to connect to WiFi101.

Everyone using the WiFi101 service must agree to the Terms of Use. If you use the free service, you have to click on an agreement box every time your connect. If you are using the paid service, this action is not required and you will just connect to Internet.

The staff at Computers For Everyone provides:

Contact Computers For Everyone at 650-462-7266 for current pricing and other information. Or you can stop by and see them at 3723 Haven Avenue, Menlo Park, CA.  Below is a map to the shop.



WiFi101 has the dual goal of providing affordable connection to the Internet to the community but also is a training laboratory for students leaning computer networking technology. We have received a grant from the California Emerging Technologic Fund for a program to train computer network technicians. As part of their on the job experience they will provide computer technical support for the community at a very nominal fee. The fee that is charged will enable us to pay the more advanced students as paid interns and will offset some of the costs of running the network.

WiFi 101 Overview

Connecting to WiFi101
More details on the network
Help with Problems.

Network Administrative Data (password required for access) 

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